Honest, meticulous, professional, and empathetic are just a few of the many positive characteristics I would use to describe myself. I was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, where my family immigrated to after my father served in the South Vietnamese army. I grew up in a family of six with a very strong and strict upbringing that has helped to mold me into the driven and determined woman I am today. During my teenage years, I was involved in many non-profit youth organizations in the Worcester and greater Boston area with roles in leadership and grant writing. I moved on to the customer service industry in my twenties to start up numerous businesses in New England and even the Midwest. I have honed all the skills learned in these endeavors and I am now utilizing them in the professional mortgage industry. I speak fluent Vietnamese and take great pride in helping people of all walks of life achieve their goals. I am licensed in my home state of Massachusetts, as well as Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. I am an avid fisher-woman, humorous, and love to cook, believing that food and culture is the common factor that brings everyone together. I love spending time with my parents, sisters June and Anna, and nephews Ethan and Nari. I have always believed that one should treasure their relationships, not their possessions. I am beyond grateful to be a part of the professional mortgage industry. My motivation is not only to be successful in everything I do, but to help as many people I cross paths with in my life, even if it seems impossible.